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Let It All Lay Bare - Vinyl LP

Let It All Lay Bare - Vinyl LP

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“Let It All Lay Bare” — the album’s title track, opening song, and first single — is particularly introspective. What began with a loosely written idea of melody and lyrics evolved into “a call to intimacy that’s asking someone to open themselves up to you,” Clay explains. The song, with shades of R.E.M. and Tom Petty, takes a lightly romantic approach to its subject, but at its core, it’s about meaningful connections and was inspired by Clay’s own desire for a deeper relationship with his pensive, stoic father.

“I thought about keeping this song’s true inspiration to myself, because it is a little raw,” the artist admits, “but I am trying to push to the edge of what I feel comfortable sharing in an effort to expose a more complete, authentic version of myself to listeners.”

Across his new record, Clay delivers several upbeat, easygoing songs: the George Michael-esque “Nothing Like the Real Thing,” the funky, organ-laced “Baptize Me,” and the rockabilly-influenced “It’s Easy,” which pays homage to Clay’s favorite Seattle-area beach. “It’s a place where it’s common to come together as a community and play music by bonfires as the sun sets,” Clay describes, “and it’s special to me because of the musical influences I have befriended there throughout the years.”

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